Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions can in most cases be found on our web site.



Purchasing and returning tickets

Late booking can be made via our website no later than 4-19 hours prior to scheduled departure.
Tickets can be bought from 9 am until 3 pm for flights that depart at least 4 hours from the moment of purchase.
Tickets can be bought from 3 pm until 9 am for flights that depart from 10 am, but the departure time of the flight must not be less than 4 hours from the moment of purchase. 

In case you do not receive a letter of confirmation please:

  • check that the confirmation did not go into your junk mail folder;
  • wait a little – sometimes it takes some time for the confirmation to arrive;
  • contact us – you may have made a mistake when entering your e-mail address.

In case you did not find an answer to your question please contact our Customer Care. Call 16 101 (price 1.50 EUR, plus local operator charges) in Estonia and +372 640 1162.

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