About the company

Estonian Air was founded in 1991. Estonian Air is owned by the Estonian state and the SAS Group. Estonian Air is a member of IATA (the International Air Transport Association) since 1992. Estonian Air’s home base is Tallinn Airport. In 2012 the airline carried altogether 887 563 passengers, out of which 886 003 on regular flights. Estonian Air employs around 200 people.
Estonian Air offers the following flight services:

  • passenger transport on regular international flights;
  • passenger transport on charter flights; and
  • carriage of goods.

Estonian Air has one joint company:

  • Eesti Aviokütuse Teenuste AS (51% share), which provides a refuelling service to aircraft at Tallinn Airport

Estonian Air operates flights using seven aircraft:

The company is represented in Estonia and in its year-round destination countries by partners who are recognised representatives in their field and who have long-term relations with Estonian Air.
Estonian Air’s mission is to provide a bridge between Estonia and the rest of the world, focussing on key destinations which are important to the country and offering clients safe, reliable and customer-friendly service.